Jul 1, 2010

Know All Men By These Presents

We the Owners, in order to form a more perfect Griffey World, have hearby adopted through a democratic vote these Rules and Regulations by which to Govern ourselves.

We shall each be subject to a referendum should our franchise lose 200 or more games in any consecutive, two-season period. Thus, should you lose 100 games in a season and 100 the next, the other owners will be asked to decide whether you shall retain your team for a third season. The same rule applies if you should lose 110 in one season and 90 the next, or 115 and 85, etc. The referendum shall be conducted during the playoffs of the season in which the 200th loss is attained.

We shall each be subject to a referendum if our minors are consistently or purposefully neglected. The commissioner shall be the ultimate arbiter of this standard, but the determination shall be based upon persistent complaints from other owners if minor league pitchers are exhausted or if players are played grievously out of position (e.g., C playing SS) or if minor league games cannot be simulated because rosters aren't complete.

I'm not quite comfortable with formalizing a rule based on 1/3 support for a prohibition against cash in trades exceeding the salaries of included players. Basically, we have one more vote than it would take to earn a veto. I think some further discussion is needed on that one, so this portion will be updated. Scratch that, amended.

We should also determine whether to allow someone who's been voted out to return after a one-season hiatus, but I suspect that won't really be an issue here. But a rule would be good. If you have any other questions or concerns, or want a rule clarified further, please let me know.