Feb 20, 2009

Griffey All-Decade Team

To mark 10 great seasons of Griffey world, we're going to compile an all-decade team using our sadly neglected blog. We will pick one player and possibly an alternate for each position, but maybe we'll put together a full rotation and bullpen of some sort if the response is strong enough.

So what can you do to help, you might ask? Send me a site mail detailing the candidacy of as many players as you care to nominate. Please include some qualifications -- including statistics, awards or postseason prowess -- to help save me and bajoraa some research and make the strongest case for each player. Anyone may submit a player, no matter how long you've been part of the league, and you can nominate any player you think is worthy. Maybe we'll even put together a list of players with the most dubious achievements (most frequently traded or waived, worst-ever contract, etc.) if you can think of any.

Once we get some nominees, I'll put up a poll for each position, including a list of each nominee's qualifications. You can use the comments for each post to lobby for your favorites, since I'm pretty sure votes can be changed on a Blogger poll. If you have any ideas for improving this endeavor, list them in the comments below.

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