Feb 19, 2008

Denny Yamamoto Signed to 4 Year Extension

Hardball Dynasty's
Denny Yamamoto

Denny Yamamoto, 2nd behind Matt Ross with 104 career victories, has been signed to a 4 year contract extension, with a mutual option for the last year.

"We've been in negotiations all season, and it has been difficult due to Denny's age," said gm jabronidan. "We were finally able to settle on a mutual option for the last season, which will give each side leverage in season 11."

The signing was somewhat of a risk, given Yamamoto's age, but management in Atlanta is confident that the Japanese pitcher will be continue being effective into his mid to late 30's.

Jabronidan further clarified that the meaning of "Ripettoes" is in fact a typo of the surname, "Rippetoe" which is of course of the famous body builder and personal trainer Mark Rippetoe. The type was accidental, but since the team had success, jabronidan refused to change the team's name in case it would jynx everything.

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