Feb 26, 2008

NL North Draft Review

Fargo Fuzznuts

With the 30th pick in the draft, Fargo was not looking to fill any immediate hole as their team is already stacked. Instead, a role player such as another reliever for an already fantastic bullpen, or a prospect for the future would be perfect.

C Al Riggs- Very solid pickup at the end of the first round for the Fuzznuts. Riggs will be a future catcher, though in all likelihood in a platoon situation due to his lack of durability.

1B Dave Larry- Larry's definitely got some pop in his bat, but he promised his mother that he would finish college and thus it is very unlikely that he will sign.

Grade- C+. Riggs was a good pick so late in the first round, but Larry was a waste of a 2nd round pick. In addition, Fargo did not take anyone with any potential ML value in rounds 3-25. If Larry signs though, grade goes up to a B.

Should Have Taken- A better second round pick. Who? Anyone that would sign.

Tacoma Appleseed

Tacoma has been following in the footsteps of San Antonio by having a high draft pick year after year resulting in a rich minor league system.

But Tacoma will not be given a grade since I can't see any of his prospects and the owner hasn't checked in since February 15th. I give him an F just for that.

Syracuse Swingers

'Cuse is two seasons removed from a world series appearance but has struggled in Season 7 due to the second worst offense in the league (based on runs scores.)

Ricardo Martin- Martin was taken with the 8th overall pick and will be very successful in the majors once he's ready. He can throw all 4 of his pitches with success, with a nasty slider as an out pitch. Martin has always needed 5 days of rest in the past, so unless Syracuse lowers his pitch count, they will need to use Martin in a 6 man staff.

Taylor Russ- Russ will be a future starter or long reliever, and will be around a 4.5 ERA pitcher. He's the type of guy who could give you 6 innings of 4 run baseball, but will probably be more useful in the bullpen pitching 2 innings a night.

Sammy Sanchez- Very nice 3rd round pick here. Sanchez could be a stud if he improves his 2nd and 3rd pitches, but he will still be a worthy setup man who can give 80-100 solid innings a year.

Ed Ramirez- Getting a value pick in the 4th round is not always easy to do. Ramirez will surely be a major leaguer as a 5th or 6th starter, long reliever, or mopup man. Similar to Martin, Syracuse will have to lower his pitch count or give him ample rest to keep him healthy. Maybe he could work perfect as that 6th starter once Martin hits the big?

Todd Daniels- A platoon guy against righties who can steal some bases. What more can you ask for in the 5th round?

Grade- A-. Syracuse did his homework before the draft and it paid off.

Should Have Taken- Geraldo Rosado may have been a perfect fit here at the 8 spot, especially to a team that has problems scoring runs.

Cincinnati Centipedes

This franchise has never made the playoffs so a solid draft is key in getting over the hump.

RP Ray Stevenson- Potential stud closer, but will he sign? It's been a roller coaster all year long as Stevenson changes his mind every day, but hey you would too if you had to pick between $2.5mil and all the girls you want in the University of Miami. But even if he signs, many scouts say he is difficult to coach.

Earl Faulk- A good hitting catcher- though he is much more effective against lefties than righties. But there's always something new with this guy, either he's tired from catching the night before, or his ankle hurts, either way, he loves sitting on the bench every other night. Expect him to bat exclusively against lefties.

Raymond Rain- Good pickup in the 3rd round. Raymond has a great fastball and a very good 12-6 curveball but unless he listens to his coaches, he might never reach his potential.

Grade- C. Stevenson is a potential great closer (even with his problems), but taking a relief pitcher with the 12th overall pick when you have Johnnie Becker is not a particularly wise decision.

Should Have Taken- Geraldo Rosado, Malachi Widger, or Melvin Dixon. Any of these three sluggers would be the best hitting prospect in the Centipedes organization.

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