Feb 18, 2008

Lady Luck Smiling on Jack A$$es, Frowning on Philly

Commonly held baseball wisdom dictates that a team wins 50 games and loses 50 games each year--it's what is done with the other 62 games that counts. If that's the case, the Anaheim Jack A$$es are making the most of their "62," whereas the coaching staff of the Philadelphia Revolution may be looking for new employment next season.

Based on WHIP and OPS posted through Game 40, the Jack A$$es would be expected to have won only 20 games, but have tallied 25 victories thus far over NL opposition. The hard-luck Revolution have fallen four games short of expected wins thus far, posting a breakeven 20-20 record, where a 24-16 record would be expected. Jack A$$ manager, hurdles52, noted "there are fewer distractions here in Southern California," referring to the team's move from their Season 6 home in Las Vegas.

Philly pitcher Davey Nunez, having posted a 9.58 ERA on the season, blamed the installation of the QuesTec umpire evaluation system at Citizen's Bank Ballpark this season. "This camera thing is [bad news], man," griped Nunez. "Pitches that were strikes last season, are being called balls this year. I'm getting squeezed."

Most teams in Griffey have posted win totals within a game or two of projections, with the exception of the following:

Wins Exceeding Projections:
Anaheim: +5
Cleveland: +4
Houston: +4
NY Cyclones: +3
NY Yank-Mes: +3
Pawtucket: +3

Wins Below Projections:
Philadelphia: -4
Tacoma: -3
Rochester: -3

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