Feb 18, 2008

Spotlight: Ron Barber

Veteran RF Ron Barber's torrid start has helped key Anaheim's race to the top of the NL West standings, and no one is more surprised than owner hudles52. "We signed Ron with the intent on adding a veteran RF to fill a big void in the outfield, (but) his production this year has far exceeded our expectations," said the first-year owner. The35-year-old Barber is on pace to shatter his career highs in most categories, with a .322/.376/.711 line through 40 games, including 18 HR and 39 RBI, but his contributions extend outside the lines. "He had been great in the clubhouse and has already been instrumental in the development of some of our younger players," hurdles52 said. His leadership and acumen have lifted the Jack A$$es above also-ran status to a 25-14 record, good enough for a five-game NL West lead over Honolulu and the NL's second-best record so far.

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